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Not able to interview your chosen nanny from an agency?
Limited freelance nanny choice from friend and family referral?

Confinement should be a worry-less journey,
NannyStreet aims to provide this

Interview and book your personalised confinement nanny service in just 3 easy steps.


A confinement nanny marketplace and maid agency in Singapore.

It is wise to start looking for confinement nannies right after your doctor or gynaecologist confirms your pregnancy to ensure ample time to find the right fit for you and your family. To find the best confinement nannies for your family, start with a nanny profile on reputable websites and apps like NannyStreet.



You can begin by either searching for a stay in/stay out confinement nanny or for a long-term babysitter. Other things to look for include whether or not they can care for twins or triplets, speak English, or have expertise caring for a vegetarian household.

Submit your estimated due date (EDD) OR baby date of birth and confinement search criteria, then get your matched nanny.


To ensure that both parties are on the same page, we allow mummies to directly contact nannies through the platform to discuss job descriptions, salaries, and any other special remarks.

You can send a text or voice message, or make a video or voice call to the nanny directly through the platform.

Pay Deposit

Once you have reached an agreement and made an offer, you can pay your nanny’s deposit through a credit card. Our deposits are among the lowest in the industry.

Customers are free to negotiate a price during the interview stage that they are happy with rather than being required to make a firm commitment.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Comparison Confinement
Job Scope Negotiable
Nanny Fee Negotiable
Deposit Amount
Deposit Pay by Credit card
Deposit Guaranteed
Find Replacement Nanny
Nanny Pool Size
Customer Service to Answer Doubt
Manage Paperwork Permit & Visit Pass
Manage Nanny Medical Insurance
Flexibility to Choose Nanny Mostly NO
Interview Nanny via Video Call Mostly NO

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NannyStreet strives to make mummies’ experience as pleasant as possible. By accessing confinement nannies through our marketplace, you can find and hire your nanny through an app with a simple user interface. 

Tips for Hiring Your Confinement Nanny

When hiring a confinement nanny, make sure you have all the details ironed out before the interview is finished. If you are hiring a stay in nanny, you will want to make sure you have a place for them to stay. If you plan on having them stay in the living room, it is wiser to opt out for a stay out nanny.

Most importantly, discuss their job scope, salary, Ang Bao amount, working hours, nap times, and others. NannyStreet will provide a basic guide to assist you in negotiating with them. 

Your Confinement, is Our Confinement

Our confinement nanny marketplace in Singapore has a large number of confinement nannies who are experienced and passionate about their work. They are all friendly and eager to help any mum who needs it. Our confinement nanny will be with you to help you during your confinement period, from cooking your meals to tending to your baby.

We are dedicated to providing quality service to all mummies in Singapore and have a wide range of confinement nanny services to accommodate your needs through one easy platform. Choose your nanny based on your budget, needs, and the job scope you have for them from your phone.

We are here to ease your mind during this special time. Through our app, you can have a one-stop shop for all your confinement nanny needs at NannyStreet. Book your confinement nanny with us. We will take care of all the formalities of hiring them, including taking care of all the documentation and everything you need during your confinement period at a small paperwork fee. 

Long Term Care

Whether you wish to find a long-term babysitter after your confinement or want to transfer a friend’s or family’s maid to your household, we can assist you with the paperwork or find the right one. Through our network, we can help you find the right person for your needs in one simple click.

We provide the essential nanny services you need, and we are confident that one of them will meet your requirements. We can assist you with the transition so that you and your new nanny are comfortable in the new working environment. 

NannyStreet strives to make mummies’ experience as pleasant as possible. By accessing confinement nannies through our marketplace, you can find and hire your nanny through an app with a simple user interface. 

About Us

We are a confinement nanny and maid agency in Singapore.

We have created the perfect mix of both worlds, guaranteeing and safeguarding your deposit should our nanny go missing in action. As an approved confinement nanny agency by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the services of NannyStreet are as excellent as competitors but at a much lower processing fee. Rest assured that our dedication to customer service can assist you with any inquiries you may have.