5 Best Tips for Getting Your Newborn to Fall Asleep Easily

5 Best Tips for Getting Your Newborn to Fall Asleep Easily

A new baby is a joyful and demanding time for parents. One of the most challenging things about caring for a newborn is that sometimes, it can be difficult to put your baby to sleep. Some babies sleep much less than others, which can be tiring for the parents, especially for the mums who are still recovering from childbirth.

If your baby is a poor sleeper or you find yourself constantly checking on them during the night, consider engaging a full time or part time confinement lady in Singapore who will help take care of your baby, so you can at least rest during the day. Furthermore, to help your precious little one sleep through the night, this article lists down 5 of the most effective baby sleep tips you can follow.

1. Build an optimal sleep environment 

Babies are sensitive to bright lights and loud noise. Hence, if your newborn’s room is always bright and noisy, then you already have an idea why they may find it difficult to fall asleep. If you want your baby to sleep soundly throughout the night, you should create an optimal sleep environment for them by providing their room with blackout shades and a white-noise machine.

Blackout shades and a white-noise machine essentially transform your baby’s room into a womb-like environment that helps them feel comfortable. With blackout shades and a white noise machine, the light and noise from outside of your baby’s room can be muffled, and your newborn can finally have a good night’s sleep.

2. Lower the room temperature 

Aside from light and noise, babies also tend to be sensitive to temperature. Generally, humans, including babies, sleep best in a cool room. So, to give your infant the most comfortable sleep, aim to keep the temperature of their room between 20 to 22 degree Celsius. If you are concerned that they will feel too cold, give yourself some assurance by placing your hand on their chest. If it is warm, then your newborn is warm enough. 

3. Try swaddling

Swaddling is typically the first piece of advice that parents hear when they ask for baby sleep tips. Swaddling is the traditional practice of wrapping up an infant gently in a comfortable, light, and breathable blanket to help them feel at ease and sleepy. This act essentially replicates the womb, which gives the infant a sense of security.

Swaddling is a tried-and-true method for assisting babies who have trouble settling down and staying asleep for longer hours. Other parents also find the practice helpful in calming their newborns. However, when swaddling your little one, be sure to wrap only their body and not their neck or head to minimise the risk of suffocation. 

4. Teach them how to find their pacifier 

Sometimes, it is possible for your baby to wake up in the middle of the night and cry their eyes out if they cannot find their pacifier. As a solution, you can teach them how to find their pacifier on their own by putting a few pacifiers in one corner of their crib, and each time they lose one, help them reach for it themselves by bringing their hand to that corner. This will help your baby find a pacifier easily and get back to sleep.

5. Develop a consistent bedtime routine

A consistent bedtime routine can do wonders for you and your baby. The order is entirely up to you, but a good bedtime routine usually involves a gentle bath, storytime, and a final feeding. Some parents also like adding a quick massage to their newborn’s bedtime routine to make them feel more soothed and relaxed. Once everything is done, you should turn off the lights inside their room and start the white-noise machine.


Getting your newborn to fall asleep easily can be challenging, especially during their first few months. If your baby is a poor sleeper, following the tips shared in this article can help you improve your baby’s sleep and minimise any disruption at night, so you can also take your much-needed rest for longer hours. Otherwise, you can always seek the professional assistance of a confinement nanny.

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