6 Great Benefits of Postnatal Massage That May Surprise You

6 Great Benefits of Postnatal Massage That May Surprise You

Getting postnatal massage therapy is something you should consider doing to aid with your postpartum recovery, whether it is your first time giving birth or not. Massage therapy is proven essential in helping women restore their energy and restrengthen their bodies more quickly after childbirth.

Postnatal massage is a full body massage that usually takes place within the first three months after a woman gives birth to her baby. There are several reasons why this type of massage therapy is favourable among new mums and why you should also consider receiving one during your confinement period. Read on to discover some of the most notable benefits of postnatal massage therapy.

1. Improves breastfeeding

Take note that stress can affect the supply and contents of your milk. Therefore, it is crucial to be calm and stress-free when breastfeeding. A postnatal massage generally puts your body in a more relaxed state and improves circulation, consequently increasing milk production. Moreover, massage therapy also raises prolactin levels, the hormone that tells the milk glands in your breasts to produce more milk.

2. Reduces swelling

Swelling in the feet and ankles is common after childbirth. In addition to this, another side effect of giving birth is water retention, which can induce bloating. Getting a postnatal massage is highly advised to restore the fluid balance in your body. Massage therapy essentially prompts the drainage of your lymph nodes, which helps get rid of excess fluid and waste. Furthermore, the hormone regulation brought about by massage also minimises swelling.

3. Regulates hormones

As mentioned earlier, postnatal massage can help you feel physically and mentally less stressed. This enables your body to regulate hormones more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, massage therapy also has the ability to facilitate the release of endorphins in your body, which are the hormones responsible for giving you an overall feeling of wellness.

4. Enhances circulation

Better circulation of oxygen and blood in your body enables you to return to optimal health more quickly. Furthermore, enhanced circulation helps you reduce swelling and the inflammation of your joints, which can be a significant source of postpartum discomfort. Fortunately, enhanced circulation can be easily achieved with postnatal massage therapy as it eliminates toxins and nourishes your body.

5. Minimises anxiety and depression

Many women are known for going through episodes of anxiety and depression after giving birth. This condition is commonly known as postnatal or postpartum depression. It can happen to any woman after childbirth and usually affects about 1 in 500 new mums. While massage therapy cannot fully treat your anxiety and depression, it can aid in the body’s production of dopamine, lowering the effects of these conditions.

6. Boosts healing process

Women are reported to shift from their pregnant bodies to their original states with relative ease while receiving postnatal massage therapy. Giving birth is not an easy process. Thus, you must provide your mind and body plenty of time to heal and recover. You may do this by getting plenty of rest, hiring a part time confinement nanny to help with infant care and confinement duties, and having postnatal massage therapy.


There are undoubtedly plenty of benefits to getting a postnatal massage, especially during your confinement period. Aside from improving the different functions in your body and facilitating your recovery, a postnatal massage can also help take the baby blues away after childbirth. Remember, giving birth is no easy process, so paying close attention to your body’s needs is vital to achieving faster recovery.

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