6 Vital Things to Do Before Your Confinement Nanny Leaves

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Taking care of a newborn may be very taxing, especially for new mothers who are still experiencing postpartum fatigue. Due to this, many families may employ full time or part time confinement nanny services in Singapore. However, some mothers may quickly become overly dependent on their confinement nannies as they provide comfort and convenience.

This is not surprising considering that for a month or so, a confinement nanny in Singapore serves as the greatest pair of helping hands to assist a new mum on all matters. Whether preparing delicious confinement meals, keeping the home spick and span, or caring for the newborn round-the-clock, a confinement nanny seems capable of doing it all.

However, it is for this reason also that many mothers tend to feel anxious when their confinement nannies are about to leave. Naturally, this is completely normal. If the thought of your confinement nanny leaving makes you feel apprehensive, this article is for you. This checklist will help you prepare for your confinement nanny’s departure and ensure a smooth transition.

1. Seek their tips and advice

A full time or part time confinement nanny is undoubtedly advisable if this is your first child; they can take care of you and the baby while also guiding you through the process. It’s crucial to watch your confinement nanny in action and occasionally solicit her tips and guidance, as confinement nannies typically have a wealth of experience handling and caring for infants.

2. Have a refresher course in diaper care and bathing

The most challenging tasks you must do as a new mother are changing diapers and bathing your child. Because babies are so delicate, performing these fundamental duties correctly is vital. You are likely aware that giving your child a bath in which they are allowed to float is improper.

Hence, if you are unsure, take the chance to ask your confinement nanny in Singapore for a refresher course in diaper care and bathing. Conduct a trial run under her guidance, so you can get the hang of it right before she leaves.

3. Ask them to share their recipes

Besides caring for you and your newborn, many confinement nannies are also skilled at cooking delicious and nutritious confinement meals. If your full time or part time confinement nanny knows how to cook certain dishes that you absolutely adore, grab the opportunity to ask for her recipes before she departs. Your confinement nanny will undoubtedly be more than happy to share her recipes with you, whether it’s ginger chicken or a simple herbal soup.

4. Learn how to understand your baby’s cries and cues

Babies have a language of their own, and their cries can imply different things depending on the situation. It can be difficult for many first-time mothers, or even those with multiple children, to understand what a newborn wants. A newborn typically cries because they are either hungry, weary, warm, need a diaper change or have a fever.

If you find understanding your baby’s cries challenging, it is best to have a conversation with your confinement nanny in Singapore and ask her to explain what your baby’s cries and other clues are supposed to imply. You can also ask your nanny for advice on effective ways to calm and soothe your baby when they cry.

5. Begin practising early

While it is highly advised that you stay well-rested after childbirth so that your body can quickly recuperate, it is also an ideal time to get some hands-on training from your confinement nanny while she is still around to help and guide you. Start getting comfortable handling and caring for your baby before your nanny departs, such as while feeding them or putting them to bed, so you are better prepared when you are already on your own.

6. Share the workload in advance

Caring for a newborn is not a walk in the park, and you will undoubtedly need the assistance of others while your baby grows. Before the confinement nanny’s contract expires, ensure to assign or divide tasks with your loved ones. For instance, you can plan shifts wherein you and your partner will alternate taking turns taking care of your newborn.


Caring for a newborn is indeed a tough task to pull off, but this does not mean that you cannot do it on your own. Confinement nannies are full of experiences and wisdom that can help you become a better mum, so you should not miss the opportunity to learn from your confinement nanny while she is still around! With tips and guidance from your confinement nanny, you will surely know how to care for your baby most effectively.

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