About NannyStreet

Nanny Street Pte. Ltd. formerly known as Homey Confinement Pte. Ltd. is the Singapore (and probably the world) 1st Confinement Nanny marketplace. We rebranded as NannyStreet and created a platform to matchmake parents-to-be with all confinement nanny. We provide the best of the both worlds of confinement nanny agency & engaging freelance nanny features.

We allow mummy to directly liaise with nanny to negotiate job scope and the fee. All this can be done through the NannyStreet platform where you can send messages (Text & Voice) and make calls (Voice & Video). Once you finish negotiating and make an offer, you can easily pay the nanny deposit through Credit Card (the 1st agency in Singapore to allow this) or Pay Now. NannyStreet nanny’s deposit is among the lowest in the market. Instead of fixing the price, NannyStreet allows clients to freely negotiate with nanny to get the best deal!

As mentioned above, NannyStreet provides the best of both worlds where NannyStreet guarantees and secures your deposit in the event of your chosen nanny missing in action, just like normal agency. In the event of early birth and your chosen nanny wasn’t able to fill up the gap period, you can tap on us again to find a temporary nanny for that period from our large pool of nannies. All you need to do is just pay for the paperwork fee, that’s it!

It just takes 3 steps to get a confinement nanny.

Step 1: Search Nanny
Step 2: Interview
Step 3: Pay Deposit

Just like a normal agency, we will handle your paperwork at a very affordable processing fee.

Even after confinement, you can also engage us to help you find a long term babysitter.

Otherwise, if you have a maid that would like to be transferred to you, NannyStreet can process as well.

In short, NannyStreet is a ONE STOP platform to handle starting from your confinement until long term babysitter as well as maid.

We have dedicated customer service to assist you, if you have any questions.