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For new mothers, taking care of a baby can be daunting. If day nannies cannot accommodate your family or if you simply need short-term or long-term nanny services, engaging a babysitter agency in Singapore may be the solution.

Having a child is unquestionably the most important day of your life as a parent. Due to your devotion and dedication, you will do anything to ensure your child is well cared for and lives in a safe environment. Our nannies are here to support you.

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Reasons to Engage a Babysitter

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If you’re concerned that your newborn is too young to be placed in infant care or childcare, engaging a babysitter is one of the options. Alternatively, you can also employ a babysitter if all of the neighbourhood baby care and daycare facilities are full and you urgently require someone to care for your child.

Additionally, as soon as the infant turns 112 days old (16 weeks), you can no longer engage a confinement nanny to care for your newborn. Most confinement nannies generally prefer to care for an infant younger than 112 days, as newborns are usually lighter and do not move around as much as a toddler.

Moreover, you are only eligible for 16 weeks of maternity leave. Thus, after your maternity leave ends, you will need an additional pair of hands to help care for your newborn – and that’s when a babysitter comes in.

Some confinement nannies will be pleased to continue working for you until the baby turns one year old. In that case, you can engage us to obtain a babysitter work permit for your nanny.

If your confinement nanny does not wish to work as a babysitter, you should begin searching for a long-term babysitter as soon as you know you want one. Finding, interviewing, and finalising the right babysitter can take 2-3 weeks.

You can engage a babysitter for as short as 3 months to as long as 2 years.

Responsibilities of a Babysitter

It is important to understand the duties of a sitter, what they’re able to offer, and when are they able to commit. Discuss in detail what the babysitter should do. E.g., feeding the baby, preparing solid food as they grow older, laundry, bathing, napping, changing diapers, etc. Doing so allows the agency to understand your specific request better and provide you with a suitable babysitter that’s up to the task.

It is important to note that a babysitter is typically required to have one day off per week. However, you can compensate them with salary if you wish them to work for you during their rest day.

Babysitter vs Confinement Nanny

A long-term babysitter is a nanny whose sole responsibility is looking after your child. They usually do not do laundry, cook your meals, or do your housework for you and your spouse, unless it is for the baby. You can, however, negotiate any additional job scopes and the fee on our platform. We aim to be versatile to your needs.

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Steps to Hiring a Babysitter

Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and download our app to get started with your hiring process. Hiring a nanny through NannyStreet is as good as hiring a nanny through a nanny agency or engaging a freelance nanny.

Our app is intuitive and straightforward to navigate and, most importantly, provides the information that you need to look for a nanny with ease. Find your ideal nanny today.


Step 1

Submit your search criteria on our platform, and we will help you find the right babysitter for you.

Step 2

Once we have found a suitable candidate, you will discuss their duties, duration, and compensation with the babysitter. Work out an appropriate salary and the number of days off per month that suits both of you.

Step 3

Send an offer once you’ve secured the nanny of your choice. Once she has accepted, simply make the payment (deposit and paperwork).

Why Choose Us?

When you engage with a traditional babysitting agency, any specific requests you may have may not be conveyed effectively, resulting in misunderstandings once the babysitter begins working.

NannyStreet is a nanny agency in Singapore that strives to provide excellent customer service so that you can enjoy your experience without issues. We are the mediator so that you can express your requirements clearly and effectively.

Our part-time and long-term nanny services will help you adjust to motherhood by offering reliable and trustworthy, experienced babysitters who understand the challenges of taking care of a newborn. With our trusted reputation for our babysitting services, you can be sure that your kids are in good hands.