Confinement Nanny vs Domestic Helper: How Do They Differ?

Singapore confinement nanny

If you are a new mother who is struggling to manage your mum’s duties while recovering from childbirth, the best course of action you should take is to hire the services of either a domestic helper or a full time or part time confinement nanny in Singapore. Although these two terms are often confused and used interchangeably by many people, there are a few key distinctions between a domestic helper and a confinement nanny.

For starters, while the nature of their jobs may be somewhat similar, a domestic helper’s and a confinement nanny’s responsibilities vastly differ. Here are some of the most crucial details you should think about before choosing between hiring a domestic helper or a confinement nanny for your confinement needs.

What are confinement nannies?

In Chinese culture, having a confinement nanny is a long-standing tradition. Confinement nannies are essentially considered qualified mums as they help women ensure that their postpartum recovery is carried out appropriately and that their newborns are well cared for during their first crucial weeks.

In Singapore, a confinement nanny is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to address any issues you could experience with your child while in confinement. They can support and guide you as you learn the fundamentals of infant care, from breastfeeding and bathing to diaper change. Typically, a confinement nanny is equipped with knowledge and experience when it comes to comprehending the needs of a newborn and postnatal mum.

Duties of confinement nannies

A confinement nanny in Singapore will give you and your newborn the support and care you need throughout your confinement. The typical confinement period for a woman is at least 28 days long. A confinement nanny typically is experienced in caring for a postpartum mother and her child, as well as the specifics of newborn care and how to prepare appropriate confinement meals.

Always remember that self-care is more than just inquiring how you are doing. Serving nourishing confinement food, setting up your herbal bath, cleaning your and your baby’s clothes, and generally creating a stress-free environment are all included in this service. Now, although the duties of a confinement nanny may involve maintaining the home, her focus is to assist your recovery and care for your baby.

What are domestic helpers?

A domestic helper is commonly employed to carry out routine household chores, such as cooking and housekeeping. Some are also employed to watch over toddlers, but not often newborns. Generally, domestic helpers are those who specialise in doing household tasks. Given that these are their areas of specialisation, you can rely on a domestic helper to prepare your everyday meals or thoroughly clean your home.

Because domestic helpers have a variety of responsibilities that involve maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of an entire household, they are often unable to concentrate on caring for a baby fully. Hence, a household helper might not be able to provide updates on your baby’s progress as their employment scope covers plenty of responsibilities.

Duties of domestic helpers

The duties of a domestic helper essentially include everything within and outside the home, but not necessarily to a deeper level in each area. Domestic helpers would take care of their employer’s requirements and the surroundings of the house they are working in. They are responsible for daily meal preparation and routine housekeeping.

Among the usual regular tasks of a domestic helper include maintaining a home’s cleanliness by sweeping and mopping, doing laundry, washing dishes, and running errands such as purchasing groceries and picking up children from school. Unlike a confinement nanny, a domestic helper is often not focused on babysitting and caring for her employer’s recovery needs.


Overall, a confinement nanny in Singapore is usually employed to assist a new mum with postpartum recovery and the care of a newborn. In contrast, a domestic helper is often hired to perform primary household duties like home cleaning and cooking. By knowing the significant differences between these two jobs, you can better determine whether what you need is a confinement nanny or a domestic helper to meet your needs.

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