How New Mothers Can Benefit from Hiring a Part Time Confinement Nanny

How New Mothers Can Benefit from Hiring a Confinement Nanny

Every first-time mum knows just how demanding it can be to care for their little bundles of joy. From their irregular sleeping patterns to indecipherable crying that has new mums wondering what the matter is, having a baby is certainly no easy job, especially since they have no experience. As such, getting some help during confinement is important to avoid being overwhelmed and stressed out, which is far from beneficial when recovering from childbirth.

It’s common for the mum’s parents or in-laws to provide support during confinement, but a confinement nanny in Singapore is the next best option if they are not available. Their real-life experience (and often complemented with training) in caring for babies can help new mums provide the best care for their babies while getting the rest they need.

Below, we outline the benefits of having a part-time confinement nanny who sees you and your baby’s needs around the clock during confinement.

1. Get a helping hand in caring for the baby

One of the primary duties of a part time confinement nanny is to help you tend to your newborn while you recover. Naturally, mums with no experience would be clueless about caring for their baby initially, no matter how they prepare beforehand.

For example, when the baby is crying, how many new mums can adequately understand their newborn’s crying cues and identify whether they’re hungry, running a fever, or something else?

Confinement nannies can lend their knowledge and expertise to help the baby, including other caretaking tasks, such as feeding the baby, bathing them, and putting them to sleep.

2. Preparation of nutritious confinement meals, herbal tonics, and so on

Mothers need to eat well after giving birth so they can recover. While domestic helpers can help with household chores, they are not trained to prepare confinement meals, herbal tonics, or similar items. Thus, they’re not providing mothers with the nourishment they need.

A part time confinement nanny can tailor a diet to your specific needs while providing the nutrients you require to recover. In addition to cooking meals and providing nutritious snacks, a confinement nanny can also provide advice and tips on how to get the most out of your diet, such as how to increase breastmilk production.

3. Receive support in more ways than one

Part time confinement nannies are not just there to watch over the baby. They are also responsible for taking care of the mother. As a mum in confinement, you’ll need plenty of time to heal, recover, and prepare for motherhood.

Thus, they provide you with some much-needed breathing room to heal and remain stress-free by handling the brunt of the work of caring for your baby, such as changing their clothes and diapers and feeding them. As a result, first-time mums can relax and not worry about every step they make.

A part time confinement nanny can help you reduce any risk of complications, lose weight as you get ready to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes and enable you to rest while they do the work. Because the confinement nanny will be performing all the necessary tasks, you can focus on spending quality time with your newborn. You may relax knowing that you and your baby are in good hands.

4. Provide guidance on breastfeeding

While in the hospital, mothers will be taught the fundamentals of breastfeeding. Although it may appear simple initially, newborns will become fussier as they grow older.

A confinement nanny can help you figure out the optimal timing, strategies, and positions, such as latching techniques when nursing your infant. They also know how to boost and sustain milk production, as well as how to deal with frequent breastfeeding issues.

5. Learn the ropes of tending to the baby

Confinement nannies are a goldmine of parenting tips and tricks from which new mums can capitalise and learn. These can include the best ways to bathe the baby, get them to sleep through the night, identify their crying, and more.

These confinement nannies have likely seen every trick in the book and can offer advice that works best for their style of care. For example, if they bathe the baby in a certain way to ensure they don’t get cold, they can share that information with you. If they have a schedule that works best for them, they can share that, too.

These lessons don’t just apply to the early years of the child’s life; they remain helpful for the rest of your life. And someday, you may even pass on what you’ve learned to others.

6. Fill in the time gap before sending to childcare

A part time confinement nanny can care for a newborn for up to 112 days. As such, engaging a confinement nanny is an alternative if you’re afraid that your newborn is too young to be placed in infant care or childcare.

They are wonderful companions for your child, which can be helpful if you feel anxious about leaving them while you recover from childbirth. Confinement nannies are experienced in caring for newborns and can provide around-the-clock care for your child. As such, this is a great option for those who want to spend as much time as possible with their newborn child while having someone care for them as well.

7. Training domestic helpers on how to care for newborns

The majority of the helpers are only capable of preparing a restricted number of dishes. On the other hand, confinement nannies are knowledgeable in preparing different dishes and nutrients that a mother needs to recover from childcare. They can also prepare more variety that is not only nutritious but highly delicious as well.

A part time confinement nanny can help ease the transition to parenthood by providing advice and support throughout the postpartum period. A confinement nanny can help train the helper in caring for the mother and child once she departs. She can also provide advice on the best methods to care for a newborn and offer support when it comes to adjusting to life with a new addition to the family.

8. Enjoy parenthood

From assisting with breastfeeding and other newborn care needs to helping with daily housework and other tasks, a part time confinement nanny can ease the stress of the postpartum period and provide a much-needed source of support and comfort for new mums. With the confinement nanny undertaking the responsibilities of caring for the newborn, family members can focus on spending quality time with the baby.


Confinement nannies bring a lot to the table when it comes to helping new mums deal with their newborns and recover during confinement. So, if these benefits appeal to you and you are interested in hiring a part time confinement nanny for yourself, NannyStreet is here to help with our wide range of confinement services in Singapore!

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