Live-in vs Daytime Confinement Nanny: Which One to Choose?

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One of the most common mistakes that most expecting parents make is underestimating how difficult parenting a newborn can be. If you and your partner are expecting, you are likely to commit the same mistake. You may believe that all your baby will do is sleep, eat, and repeat.

However, in reality, parenting a newborn comes with a lot of responsibilities and stress. The first few weeks or months after childbirth will especially be extra hard, as you will still need to figure out how to care for your newborn and meet their needs. As such, it is highly recommended that you hire a confinement nanny in Singapore.

There are two main kinds of confinement nannies: a live-in confinement nanny and a day confinement nanny. If you are unsure how these two differ, you have come to the right page! This article briefly discusses the difference between a live-in and daytime confinement nanny in Singapore. 

What is a Live-In Confinement Nanny? 

A live-in confinement nanny is a nanny that offers full-time guidance and supervision to new parents and their newborns. A live-in confinement nanny’s primary focus revolves around the postpartum mum and the baby. Their daily responsibilities include cooking for the recovering mother, doing laundry for the mother and the child, cleaning the kitchen, and offering round-the-clock general newborn care to ensure the mother gets sufficient rest.

However, some people may prefer stay out or day time confinement nannies as they do not have a spare room for the nanny in their house. Another factor is that some individuals may be uncomfortable having strangers stay in their homes.

The Advantage of Hiring a Live-In Confinement Nanny in Singapore

The most significant benefit of having a live-in confinement nanny is that they can attend to your newborn’s needs whenever they arise, especially at night. This allows both you and your partner to have sufficient rest and sleep. Engaging the services of a live-in nanny is undoubtedly a good idea if your partner needs to sleep through the night in order to function effectively the following day.

If you are able to pump adequate breast milk for your infant, you can entrust everything to your confinement nanny too. This will allow you to obtain adequate sleep and recover effectively during your postpartum recovery process. However, keep in mind that hiring a live-in nanny does not imply that they will be working around the clock. They must be permitted to occasionally take a break and rest once everything has been settled.

What is a Day Confinement Nanny?

A daytime confinement nanny is largely similar to a live-in confinement nanny, except the latter will not reside with you for the duration of their employment. In essence, a daytime confinement nanny is one that offers part-time nanny confinement nanny services in Singapore. They work their own hours, ranging from early morning to late afternoon.

The daily duties of a day confinement nanny are remarkably similar to those of a live-in nanny. They also cook for the recovering mum, do laundry for the mum and the baby, and help to clean up the kitchen. However, unlike a live-in confinement nanny, a day confinement nanny only delivers general baby care, not a round-the-clock service.

The Advantage of Hiring a Day Confinement Nanny

The most significant benefit of employing a daytime confinement nanny is the ability to enjoy greater privacy at night. Of course, this can sometimes come at a cost. In particular, it can cost you a good few hours of sleep as you will need to get up several times during the night to take care of your infant.

Nonetheless, since you can get adequate rest in the morning with the presence of the day confinement nanny around, this should not be too physically taxing. In addition, because your daytime confinement nanny will not have to be present at all times and live in your home, you won’t need to set aside a separate room for them. This is especially beneficial if your home does not have much space.

Which Type of Confinement Nanny Should You Choose?

Like most things, there is no one correct option for everyone. Whether a live-in or daytime confinement nanny is right for you will depend on your and your baby’s needs. If you think you need plenty of rest in order to recover well from childbirth and have a spare room in your home, then a live-in nanny is your best option.

On the other hand, if you think you can handle the needs of your newborn at night and do not have a spare room in your home, then a daytime confinement nanny may be all that you need. Furthermore, if you already have someone in your house whom you can rely on, such as your mother or mother-in-law, then you should simply decide on a part-time confinement nanny. Essentially, the right type of confinement nanny for you depends on your situation.


There isn’t much distinction between a live-in confinement nanny and a day confinement nanny. Both carry out nearly identical duties, except that a daytime nanny has shorter working hours than a live-in confinement nanny. Knowing how these types of confinement nannies are similar and different, you can have a more informed choice of which one is right for you and your newborn.

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