Part Time Confinement Nanny

Singapore Confinement Nanny

There are several reasons why some individuals prefer a part time confinement nanny, the common one being having inadequate space in the house for the nanny. Those who value their privacy may also choose this option.

A part time confinement nanny, also known as a day time confinement nanny, performs similar duties as a regular confinement nanny, except that they are present for a shorter duration. Part time nannies typically arrive between 8am and 5pm OR 9am and 6pm.

As for night time nannies, they can start to work from 9pm to 6am OR 10pm to 7am. You may adjust the schedule slightly to suit your needs, such as having the nanny catch the final few buses to your home and taking the first bus back to their home to sleep in the morning.

During their stay, part time confinement nannies generally help with the cooking, laundry, and looking after the baby. To set the right expectations, you will need to discuss in detail their duties (refer to the Confinement Nanny possible tasks here).

Apart from the salary, check with them how much is the transport and accommodation allowance. It is best to inquire now rather than later when they’re working for you.

It is important to remember that regardless of whether you hire a regular confinement nanny or a day time nanny, you will still need to give your confinement lady red packets when they enter and leave on the first and last day.

The pool for part time confinement nannies – regardless of day time or night time – is limited, as they would need to find their own accommodations during their service. Furthermore, property landlords are more likely to lease to renters staying for long periods instead of short periods as it is more profitable. As such, part time confinement nannies in Singapore are in short supply.

Apart from that, they would have to spend extra time and cost travelling to your home. Therefore, there is no surprise that the charges for a day time confinement nanny in Singapore are the same or more expensive than a part time nanny. 

Why Choose a Part Time Confinement Nanny?

When Parent-To-Be do not have an extra bedroom (usually mummy stays with their parent or the condo has limited rooms) for confinement nanny and baby OR prefer to have own privacy, opt for Stay Out Confinement Nanny, Part Time Confinement, Night Time Confinement Nanny or Day Time Confinement Nanny.

Part Time Confinement Nanny

Day Time Confinement Nanny vs Night Time Confinement Nanny

For daytime confinement nannies, they start from 8am to 5pm OR 9am to 6pm. They perform a similar role as regular confinement nannies but expect that they do not stay overnight and do night duty. The daytime nanny takes care of the baby throughout the working hour so that mummy can have nap time. Then the mummy has energy to do night care duty.

The working hours of a nighttime confinement nanny in Singapore are typically from 9pm to 6am OR 10pm to 7am. This timing is chosen so that the nanny can reach your home on time and catch the first bus back home to rest. Moms usually choose this option so that they can be confident that their baby is taken care of during the day and have more time to interact with them. After taking care of the baby during the day, moms would need ample rest at night. The main role of the nighttime confinement nanny is to ensure that the baby is well-fed, and their diaper is changed from time to time. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that the mummy gets a good night’s rest.

The salary for a daytime confinement nanny and a nighttime confinement nanny in Singapore is the same as that of a regular stay-in confinement nanny. This is because part-time confinement nannies typically need to rent a room in Singapore and pay for transportation, which can be expensive. They may travel one to two hours to reach your home for work. Moreover, their pool of replacements is very small, making it challenging to find a replacement in case of an early birth or conflicts. When you book a confinement nanny, they will be with you throughout your confinement period.

What are the Roles of a Day Time Confinement Nanny?

Each nanny has their own unique style, so it’s important to check with them about the tasks they perform. The list below is not a standard list of responsibilities.

  1. Cook nutritious confinement food
  2. Take care of baby
  3. Brew TCM Herbal Tonic
  4. Brew Red Date Drink
  5. Prepare Confinement Bath
  6. Laundry for mummy and baby
  7. Guide on breastfeeding.

What is Stay Out Confinement Nanny?

Stay Out Confinement Nannies rarely have conflicts with the mother or the family due to their short hours in the household. As a result, they usually do not require replacements. However, if a conflict does arise, the employment can be terminated.

Stay Out Confinement Nannies are the same as regular nannies, and you will give them an ang pao on the first day and another on the last day.

Because the pool of Stay Out Confinement Nannies is small, it’s best to book them immediately after negotiating the terms if you know you want one. If you try to find a Stay Out Confinement Nanny 3-4 months before your expected due date (EDD), it is unlikely that you will be able to find one.