Why a Postnatal Massage Therapist Is Ideal for New Mums

Why a Postnatal Massage Therapist Is Ideal for New Mums

Postnatal massage is increasingly becoming popular these days. This is no surprise, given the numerous benefits postnatal massage provides for new mums. Taking a few hours off for some self-care may be the last thing on your mind after giving birth. However, a postnatal massage may be the one thing you need to kickstart your recovery process.

A postnatal massage is a form of massage therapy meant to aid the recovery of a woman’s body after childbirth. It can facilitate lymphatic drainage, ease aching muscles, and even assist you in processing the emotional aspects of delivery. However, to achieve these benefits, a certified postnatal massage therapist must perform your postnatal massage instead of just a regular masseuse. Here are three of the primary reasons.

1. They have familiarity with the issues you are experiencing

A regular masseuse will typically only massage your joints or legs if you specify that they are painful or fatigued. Water retention is one of the most common reasons your legs may feel sore and exhausted after giving birth, but a regular masseuse tends to be unaware of this. On the contrary, a postnatal massage therapist is acquainted with the process and can modify their massage techniques to efficiently reduce water retention.

Postnatal massage therapy may help you manage any pain or tension you may feel after giving birth as it promotes physical relaxation. A skilled postnatal masseuse can be the ideal solution to minimising any discomfort or stiffness you are experiencing, especially if you carry plenty of tension in your body.

2. They have the knowledge that you may not know

It might be simple to dismiss your physical symptoms as being perfectly normal at times. For instance, you might quickly write off a headache you wake up with and opt to treat it with paracetamol. However, there are times when getting a decent night’s sleep is all you need. A postnatal massage therapist can also inform you of this and possibly assist you in addressing it.

Most of the time, postnatal massage therapists use massage techniques that are effective at promoting better sleep and treating headaches naturally. In addition, you might want to have specific body regions massaged, but a postnatal masseuse would know better to prevent any complications. A postnatal massage therapist typically understands what is best for you as a new mother than a standard masseuse.

3. They are the best person for the job

While you may appreciate being pampered by your mother, grandma, or spouse, unless they have received professional training, they are usually not the best option for providing an effective postnatal massage.

Postnatal massage therapy uses techniques created especially to hasten recovery and healing for new mothers. These are techniques that your family members or even a regular masseuse may not be familiar with or have received training in. Therefore, it is crucial to let a trained and licensed postnatal massage therapist provide you with massage therapy for a quick postpartum recovery.


Opting for a postnatal massage therapist over a regular masseuse is highly advised, as these professionals are sufficiently knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified to understand your needs and know the most effective massage methods to aid your postpartum recovery. Postnatal massage therapy is crucial for you as a new mother as it can speed up your recovery and replenish the energy your body needs to care for your newborn.

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